Faculty and Other Staff

Comp. Engg.Department

Name Designation Qualification
Dr. Kulwardhan Singh H.O.D. PhD.
Ms. Madhu Dhiman Lecturer Pursuing M.Tech
Ms. Anjana Chaudhary Lecturer M.Tech
Sh. Ashish Kalia Lecturer M.Tech
Sh. Subhash Chander Computer Assistant. PGDCA

ECE Department

Name Designation Qualification
Sh.Pardeep Kumar H.O.D. B.Tech.
Sh. Pawan Vardhan Sr. Lecturer B.Tech.
Sh. Nishant Sharma Lecturer B.Tech.
Sh. Sachin Sehota Lecturer B.Tech.
Sh. Raman Kumar Lecturer B.Tech
Ms. Sarmishta W/S Inst. ITI, CTI

Civil Department

Name Designation Qualification
Sh. Rakesh Gupta H.O.D. B.E.
Ms. Sonika Thakur Lecturer B.Tech.
Sh. Amish Rehalia Lecturer M.Tech

Arch. Department

Name Designation Qualification
Sh. Arun Rana H.O.D. B. Arch
Sh. Rajeev Bhardwaj Sr. Lecturer B.Arch
Sh. Vipin Kumar Lecturer B. Arch.
Sh. Pranav Sharma Lecturer B. Arch.
Sh. Rajinder Kumar Lecturer B. Arch.
Sh. P. C. Sharma W/S Inst. Diploma (Arch.).

Applied Sciences Department

Name Designation Qualification
Ms. Manju Gautam HOD M.Sc, M.Phil(Chem.)
Dr. Anant Ram Thakur Lecturer PhD.
Dr. Kiran Bala Lecturer PhD.(Mathematics)
Ms.Anjna Kumari Lecturer English


Name Designation Qualification
Sh. Arun Vashisht W/S Inst.(Elect) ITI (Elect)
Sh. Suresh Kumar W/S Inst.(Welding) ITI (Elect)

Office Staff

Name Designation
Sh.Ramesh Sharma Supdt.
Sh.Som Nath Sharma Sr.Scale Stenographer
Sh.Hardev Singh Clerk
Sh.Narender Kumar Clerk
Sh. Sanjeev Kumar Clerk
Sh.Ajay Kumar Data Entry Operator(out sourced)
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